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How To Increase Sales and Customers

  If possible, purchase samples and demonstration produces (fragrances, etc.), that interest you, to become  familiar with them. Try them yourself, and let clients try them.  Research the product, and all of its benefits.  If you are impressed with a product, you are more likely to make more sales.  You will sell more if a client can see or smell it for themselves.

  When talking to clients, talk about the benefits of the product, and how it has helped you.  Try not to hard sell them. They will most likely walk away.  If you genuinely want to help people, instead of sell  them, they will want to buy from you!

  To get fragrance or jewelry demo products for free, you will initially have to purchase one.  Wear it or let people try it (fragrance), and take orders for it.  Then sell it for a discount off the retail price, but more than you paid.  Example: your cost is $5.99 and retail is $22.00, sell it for $10, if it is over half full.  Your profit is $4.01 on this demo.

  You get your initial $5.99 back, then re-invest the profit of $4.01 into another demo product and do the same thing.  Keep re-investing your profits from demos, and soon you will have a nice income from all the sales, without investing your own money!

  Don’t stop there, suggest other products with it. Example: fragrance with body lotion, and shower gel, or a necklace with a matching bracelet and ring.

  Next, ask your clients:

 Who in your family is having a birthday, or anniversary?

What kind of skin care does your family use?

When will you need more shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, or deodorant?

How did you like the fragrance samples I left you?

Tell me about your favorite product.

Ask for 3 referrals, offer a small gift, or a discount on their order in return. 

Give them a trial  product for a week, and follow up.  If they like it, you have made a sale!

Offer a 5-10% discount on new customer orders.  Print out Coupons.

Follow up with a phone call after meeting new customers.

Get their wish list-offer a Free gift for it.

Be sure to close the sale.

 Don’t assume they will call you when they need something, call a few days before placing your order to ask if they need anything!

Watch your sales explode!